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Eye Brow Pencils/ Reviews

Marilyn tending to her brows.
have always loved Marilyn Monroe's eyebrow style. It was never too thick nor too thin. It was always just right. For years I have been searching for that perfect brow pencil so that I could easily style that perfect retro eyebrow look.

But every time I would come home happy thinking that I might have found the perfect eye pencil,  and after several strokes, and I would try to make the pencil work. Then that's when I had to accept the fact that again it wasn't the perfect one.

After several attempts I have finally found so far three brow pencils that have some potential. And perhaps there is one that have made the cut. 

Here we go:

Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph:

*Double function pencil. One side is the actual brow pencil. The other side is a creamy eye brow highlighter to enhance the eyebrow area.
* The brow pencil has a hard consistency, which is good for my taste because it doesn't smudge.
* Great coverage.
* Easy to apply. Very forgiving.
* Thick and durable. (To be able to sharpen this pencil I had to use a big sharpener).
* Lasts a long time.
* Reasonable price. I bought it at Target for $10.

On the other hand: 
* Although the eye pencil was a light brown it kind of worked along with my dark eyebrows. But I still believe that a darker brown would have worked better for me. They should offer more color choices.
* This kit came with several size stencils that you would pop out from the box. The stencils had a pretty shape. But when you used it with the pencil it couldn't fit. In other words the pencil was way to big for the stencils.

Star Rating:

Update: After Target stop carrying Soap & Glory products I haven't been able to find this pencil anywhere.  I visited the Soap & Glory website and they stop featuring it as well.  I emailed Soap & Glory, but I haven't yet heard from them. Sorry ladies! I will be looking for a similar pencil.


Mac Eye Brows:

* Thinner than the Soap & Glory, which I had to get use to. You have to feather it in the brow instead of drawing them in. And then with a brow brush you finished them off.
* The consistency is great. Not too hard and not too soft. But because it is a thin pencil you have to feather it lightly, so it won't break.
* Very professional looking eyebrows.
* Great for that retro look.
* It's one of those pencil that you twist. No need for sharpening. At times I have to make sure to twist the right way or else nothing would come out.
* A wide color selection. The color that was chosen for me was Spike. Which is a very dark brown. And it works perfect for my dark brows.

On the other hand:
* Bought it for $15. A bit more than I am use to paying for an eyebrow pencil. But it was worth it!
*  I haven't had a chance to really use it everyday. I am not sure how long it would last. I bought it back in February. So far, so good it has lasted for two whole months.

Star Rating:



Benefit Instant Brow Pencil:

* Double function. One side it's the brow pencil. The other side has a brush.
* The diameter of this pencil allows for great coverage. It's not too thin, not too wide, but just right.  
* To apply you should use the feather stroke. Or else it could get pretty smudgy.
* Good natural look effect right after you brush them. After an hour though it tends to look sloppy.
* Has a nice color selection. I bought the medium brown.

On the other hand:
* It is a little bit too soft for my taste. It tends to get very smudgy. Not too great for warm weather.
* You have to sharpen constantly, which will mean that it might not last that long if you have to use it on a regular basis.
* I bought it at Ulta for $20. A little bit steep for the girl next door. And unfortunately it wasn't worth the price.

Star Rating:

My final verdict:

The Mac brow pencil is my favorite so far! I wear it all the time. And I am happy how my brows end up looking polish and very professional! I will continue to buy this baby.

Did somebody say Anastasia? I have never bought her products before. I heard that she is the queen of eye brows and that she has shaped Hollywood stars brows for years. I heard great reviews about her products. I recently visited her website. The prices are a bit high for me. But perhaps it's worth a try.

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