Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No More Boots Original Beauty Formulas?

I have a sad looking and empty jar of my Boots Original Formula Patchouli & Lavender Body Cream sitting on my bathroom counter. The reason I haven't been able to replace my body cream is because it has been DISCONTINUED!!!

Don't you hate when that happens?

My favorite body cream comes in a pink box. It's the one located in the bottom right. Boy I sure miss this cream!
Here I finally found a perfect body cream that I am not allergic to and that I absolutely love! This particular Boots body cream left my skin soft and smooth, and the scent was so soothing that it actually helped me relax for the evening.

I have looked far and wide for this body cream to see if anyone happen to still have it in their store. There are a few Boots Original Beauty Formulas still available, like the lip balm, the bath foam, the bath oil, which you can stll find online, but none carry my body cream.

My vanishing cream is the one in the small blue-green box. Soon this one will vanish too!

Good thing that my Boots Vanishing Day Cream is still available! Please don't take my face cream too! But I have a feeling that this one is soon to face extinction as well. This girl will have to stock pile several bottles before they run out!


To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Boots,

If you know where I can buy my Boots Original Formula Patchouli & Lavender Body Cream please let me know. I will truly appreciate any information you can provide in this matter. If you happen to have some body cream stashed away in the basement I would be more than happy to give it a good home. If not, would you recommend a great body cream that is similar to it?

Ah, another thing. Please bring back your Original Beauty Formulas!


A Loyal Customer


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  1. Where can you buy these products online?

  2. Hi GlamourGal, sorry but this line of Boots have been discontinued. You may be able to find it through a personal seller on Ebay or Amazon. Perhaps Boots can bring it back again.

  3. I'm on the hunt for these items too. It's not just the wonderful formulations, but the gorgeous packaging that endear Boots original beauty products to me. Unfortunately, it's unlikely they will return to the store's shelves.

  4. Hi Ali, Love the packaging of Boots Original as well! As a matter of fact I still have several empty jars of Boots safely stored away. I now buy J.R. Watkins. They too have some great products and the packaging are awesome as well. I even ended up being a distributor. In a future post I will post some of their fabulous products.