Monday, May 4, 2015

Avon's Latest Classic Signature Collection!

Avon's latest classic signature collection is here! And what's exciting is that because I'm again an Avon representative I get first dibs and also a nice little discount with my purchase!

When Avon first brought back their monogrammed 4A Signature Collection I missed it. They had these fantastic tote bags, wallets, makeup bag, jewelry, watches, and scarfs. I did managed to find their Mailyn Makeup Bag from a seller in Ebay. which I immediately purchased. I'm still though looking to get their Mailyn Tote Bag.

Here is a little history of Avon's Monogrammed Signature Collection:

But now that I'm a representative again I have a chance to enjoy the pretty classic monogrammed bags, glasses, and scarf that they are featuring right now!

Avon's latest Monogrammed Collection is here! Here are my favorite picks:

Mailyn Drawstring Bag

Chain Linked Hobo

Urban Oasis Scarf

Chain Linked Sunglasses

Isn't this collection fabulous! So timeless! Start your own collection today!

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Happy Shopping!

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