Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Wish List: Laundry Canvas Cart

Photo Source: Florida Memory
Doing laundry is a weekly labor of love and appreciation. I say appreciation because after taking a warm bath how nice it is to slip into some clean bed clothes and bed sheets before going to sleep. The little pleasures of life!

One of the many things that I have in common with my mom is that we both love doing laundry. When we were kids living at home; doing laundry was a family affair. We all enjoyed participating in this chore. Lovely memories!

Since I gotten married hubby has helped me with carrying the hamper to the laundry room. But when hubby is not around to help I push my hamper from our bedroom through the hallway, kitchen, and then the garage. We have a small house so pushing the hamper wasn't a big deal until I fell and hurt myself.

At one time I did have a metal cart that made it easier to transport the laundry. But hubby accidentally broke it. So today as I was browsing the internet I saw these laundry canvas carts that I have always wanted. Girl, it's about time to get a new one!

Here are some fabulous laundry carts that I added to my wish list:

1- DecoBros Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart.  You can purchase this cart at Amazon for around $46. It looks like is sturdy. Love that it has big wheels.

2-  Another similar one is the Brylanehome Laundry 3-Bin Sorter. Also from Amazon. This cart is going for $29.99. Love that that it has the laundry section labeled. And the price ain't that bad either.

3-  Steele Canvas Small Truck  - 3 BU. The Steele company has been around since 1921. These canvases are known for their solid and lasting built. This particular style comes in many colors and sizes. This one is now on sale for $109!

4-  Ellie Rolling Hamper from World Market has also a nice vintage style. This small but cute cart could go perfect in a small room.  You can purchase it for around $99.

5- This is the Elevated Laundry Basket also from Steele Canvas. I really like the canvas design on this one. It has that french flare to it. This basket cost around $110. You can purchase it at Food 52.

6-  Had to add this round laundry cart with the Paris description. This Claudette Wire Hamper is going for $89. And you can also find it at World Market.

Hard to decide which one to get. Love them all!

Happy Laundry!